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Greater Flamingo Meeples (8-pc set) - New Release!

TL;DR - Yes, these are brand new Wingspan bird meeples!

These painted wooden Greater Flamingo meeples are the newest bird meeples that we have created for Wingspan! These were first made available on November 22nd, released into the wild without warning. 

If you want them now, please feel free to order now, as they are in stock and shipping immediately. But please do not feel rushed to buy this one additional set of birds though, as this is not a limited print run. If they sell out, we will make more. It will also be available in our next Kickstarter project, if you prefer to buy on that platform (and don't mind waiting to receive your flamingo meeples).

If you're wondering why we are releasing only one bird set right now, here's the gist. We hoped that the beloved flamingo could have been part of our 2022 Global Series, but we ran into some production problems with the original samples, and wanted to make sure it was perfect (without delaying the other 25 birds that were otherwise ready to move forward). After getting bombarded (in a good way) with more bird requests at Gen Con this year, we've decided to make some more bird types (no spoilers yet), but that won't be until Q2 2023. 

Price: $11.00