3D Printed Upgrade Kit for Rising Sun (55 pieces) - LAST ONE!

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Full upgrade kit for the base version of Rising Sun™ and the expansion (7 players) with stronghold figures, alliance tiles and ronin tokens to lead your Japanese clan to victory!

The stronghold miniatures are highly detailed and can be stacked on each other, except for the ones on turtles. The alliance tokens are decorated with symbols to identify each clan and they are the perfect replacement for the original ones included in the game.

The ronin tokens are made using different colors to look great and no painting is required.

This set contains tokens in 7 different colors (one for each player): red, purple, green, yellow, light blue, dark blue and beige.

Contents (55 pieces):

 · Strongholds (28):

4 Red strongholds
4 Purple strongholds
4 Yellow strongholds
4 Light blue strongholds
4 Green strongholds (turtle)
4 Dark blue stronholds
4 Beige / tan stronholds

 · Alliance Tokens (7)

1 Red, 1 Purple, 1 Yellow, 1 Light blue, 1 Green, 1 Dark Blue, 1 Beige / tan

 · Ronin Tokens (20)

Note: Original game components NOT included. They appear in the pictures for illustration purposes only.

List Price: $50.00
Price: $29.00