Roll For the Galaxy GeekUp Bags (10 pcs)


A set of ten 9x10cm drawstring bags designed to hold all of the dice from Roll For the Galaxy. These bags feature the game's logo and a diagram of each die's six sides for easy reference. The bags include all of the colors found in the Rivalry and Ambition expansions, but are small enough to fit in the original box.

  • Home dice - white (base, Rivalry)
  • Military dice - red (base, Ambition, Rivalry)
  • Consumption dice - purple (base, Ambition, Rivalry)
  • Novelty dice - aqua (base, Ambition, Rivalry)
  • Rare Elements dice - brown (base, Ambition, Rivalry)
  • Genes dice - green (base, Ambition, Rivalry)
  • Alien Technology dice - yellow (base, Ambition, Rivalry)
  • Leader dice - black (Ambition, Rivalry)
  • Entrepreneur dice - orange (Ambition, Rivalry)
  • Pioneer dice - blue (Rivalry)


Price: $16.00