Hansa Teutonica GeekUp Bits (17 pcs)


As you try to expand your reputation within the German Hanseatic League, you can also expand your reputation at your game table by upgrading your bonus markers for the board game Hansa Teutonica! This 17 token set includes all of the bonus markers found in the Big Box edition (listed below). 

Please note: this set of bonus markers is slightly different then the original 2009 edition, but this GeekUp set is still compatible with the original version of the game.

CONTENTS - 17 tokens in total:

4x Additional Trading Post
3x Exchange Trading Posts
2x +1 Ability
2x +3 Actions
2x +4 Actions
2x Blank tokens (for extra or custom powers)
2x Move3 
[original edition was Remove3]

Price: $11.00
N/AThis is insane, but the text from the description that the server will not allow to be saved is "Move 3" and also "Remove 3". Eliminating the space before the 3 was the only way to save the listing.