240-piece Painted Wooden Fish Meeples (6 Players) for Oceans


This beautifully painted set of wooden fish is for the game Oceans, by North Star Games. This 240-piece set will cover you for all 6 players. 

With this set (if you don't want to count out the pieces with each play), you can choose any 5 types of fish (100 total pieces) to cover your first 2 players, then add one type of fish (20 pieces) for each additional player in the game. Then, once you have your chosen fish types separated, take 3 more types of fish (60 pieces) for use once the game end is triggered. It is as simple as that! 

This 240-piece set includes 20 fish meeples for each type:

Jewel Damselfish
Black and White Damselfish
One Spot Fox Face Rabbitfish
Royal Blue Tang
Flame Angelfish
Copperband Butterfly Fish
Saddle Wrasse
Clown Triggerfish
Orange Spotted Filefish
Powder Blue Tang


Price: $108.00
N/AFYI our raw manufacturing cost (not including waste or labor) is $47.88 per set. Retail price was $92 until 3/1/23, when it was increased to $108. We listed 39 sets on 3/22/23, but can make more.