240-piece Painted Wooden Fish Meeples (6 Players) for Oceans


This beautifully painted set of wooden fish is for the game Oceans, by North Star Games. This 240-piece set will cover you for all 6 players. 

With this set (if you don't want to count out the pieces with each play), you can choose any 5 types of fish (100 total pieces) to cover your first 2 players, then add one type of fish (20 pieces) for each additional player in the game. Then, once you have your chosen fish types separated, take 3 more types of fish (60 pieces) for use once the game end is triggered. It is as simple as that! 

This 240-piece set includes 20 fish meeples for each type:

Jewel Damselfish
Black and White Damselfish
One Spot Fox Face Rabbitfish
Royal Blue Tang
Flame Angelfish
Copperband Butterfly Fish
Saddle Wrasse
Clown Triggerfish
Orange Spotted Filefish
Powder Blue Tang


List Price: $108.00
Price: $96.00
N/AFYI our raw manufacturing cost (not including waste or labor) is $47.88 per set. Retail price was $92 until 3/1/23, when it was increased to $108. We listed 39 sets on 3/22/23, but can make more.