200-piece set of Wingspan Birds (8 of each of the 25 types from our 2022 Global series)

Want to upgrade your Wingspan action and scoring cubes to beautiful painted bird meeples? This is our 2022 Global Series.

This 200-piece set includes:

  • King Penguin (x8)
  • Common Ostrich (x8)
  • Philippine Eagle (x8)
  • Black Crowned Crane (x8)
  • Harpy Eagle (x8)
  • Greater Roadrunner (x8)
  • Violet-Backed Starling (x8)
  • Golden Pheasant (x8)
  • Indian Peafowl (x8)
  • Toco Toucan (x8)
  • King Vulture (x8)
  • Strawberry Finch (x8)
  • Asian Fairy-Bluebird (x8)
  • Blue-and-Yellow Macaw (x8)
  • Blood Pheasant (x8)
  • African Sacred Ibis (x8)
  • Magnificent Frigatebird (x8)
  • Wandering Albatross (x8)
  • Hyacinth Macaw (x8)
  • Scarlet Macaw (x8)
  • Red-Fan Parrot (x8)
  • Great Hornbill (x8)
  • Inca Tern (x8)
  • Australian Magpie (x8)
  • Lovebirds (x8)

This convenient set is designed for those who want to have all 25 of the new 2022 birds to choose from in their game. Remember, these birds replace the action/scoring cubes, so player color would no longer be relevant once you have birds!

If you only want some of the 2022 Global Series birds (not all 25 types), go here to get only your favorites. As a 5-player game, you may want to choose your 5 favorite birds from these meeples. 

If you are looking for our original set of North American bird meeples, those are available here. Our European bird set is here. Our Oceania bird set is here. Upgraded food tokens are available here.

If you are looking for our Extended Series birds, that are not available in any of our 3 main bird sets, they can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade kit is designed and produced by Meeple Source, and is not a Stonemaier Games product. Please direct all questions about this item to meeplesource@gmail.com.

List Price: $283.00
Price: $270.00
N/A20 were put in stock at the point I counted all bird sets, BUT these 20 were not removed from each bird quantity. Prior to 3/31/24, the price was 255.