Tikal GeekUp Bits (24 pcs)

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With these upgraded treasure wafers for the game Tikal, you'll be the envy of all of your fellow archaeologists!

The pieces are made of a hard plastic, similar to Bakelite, and the graphics are applied via a 4-color heat transfer process, which fuses the images to the plastic in a way that makes them very scratch resistant, meaning they should last a lifetime.

This set contains replacements for all 24 of the treasure wafers in Tikal, with three copies of each treasure, and the neutral image on the backside. Plastic is made with a pearlescent finish to give it a truly gold-like appearance. 

Please note --> This artwork is a match to the original Ravensburger / Rio Grande Games version of Tikal. While is it possible to use these bits with the newer dV Giochi / Super Meeple edition, the artwork and size is not an exact match.


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