195-piece Resource Upgrade for Creature Comforts


If you do not yet have the game, you should consider getting the Kickstarter Edition, while we still have some left in stock! If you have a retail edition, you may be interested in the upgrade on this page. If you have a Kickstarter edition, you already have these fine pieces - and more!

This 195-piece set of deluxe wooden resources was produced by Kids Table Board Gaming as part of their Kickstarter project for Maple Valley (v.2). It is a little different than the one that was produced in the original Creature Comforts Kickstarter (v.1). This upgrade includes:

  • 20 cottages (4 of each color)
  • 21 Lesson Learned tokens
  • 20 fruit/apples
  • 20 wood
  • 20 stone
  • 18 mushrooms
  • 18 yarn
  • 18 grain
  • 20 stories/books
  • 20 coins

Also available separately:


Price: $38.00
N/APrior to 1/10/24, this was a 154-piece set (without the cottages or lesson learned tokens) for $35. Photo, description, and price were changed on 1/10/24. -Chris