Creature Comforts (Kickstarter Edition) - includes all Kickstarter bonus content - In Stock and Shipping Now!

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Follow these links for more info on the Retail Version (available elsewhere), and the Kickstarter Edition (available here).

Additionally, you may be interested in the Dice Tower Promo Cards and/or Creature Comforts Mini Expansions, which are not included in either version of the game.

Gather resources and craft comforts to turn your forest den into a cozy winter home in this game for 1-5 players. 

The following items are deluxe wooden components in the Kickstarter Edition, instead of standard components (mostly punchboard tokens) included in retail version:

  • 154 resources
  • 20 cottages
  • the worm
  • 2 almanacs
  • 2 wheelbarrows
  • 20 lessons learned
  • pawprint dice

Additionally, the Kickstarter Edition includes the GameTrayz organizer!

We also have some of the fancy Creature Comforts components available separately:

And of course we have the ultra-fancy Meeple Source Character Meeples for Creature Comforts as well!


Price: $85.00
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