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Yokohama Roll & Write by Hisashi Hayashi (OKAZU Brand)

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The game is in Japanese. English rules can be found here.

Each player plays as a merchant in Yokohama, trying to succeed in business and make a name for themselves.

In the game Yokohama, the game board is divided into different blocks. There is a city block where you will allocate your employees,and a port block where you will need to fill contracts from foreign countries. Skillfully deploy your employees to different areas of the city block and use them to perform area actions to earn trade goods as well as complete other tasks. Players load their trade goods to fulfil contracts in the port block. In addition, there are various technologies that can be learnt from foreign countries due to the opening of the port, and efficient use of these technologies is also a shortcut to victory.

Which player will become the number one merchant in Yokohama?


Price: $45.00
N/Ano spares, but we also have 4 damaged copy