Woodcraft Blueberries (47 pcs)

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This 47-piece set of painted wooden blueberries for Woodcraft includes:

23 Individual Blueberries
8 Clusters Showing 3 Blueberries
8 Clusters Showing 5 Blueberries
8 Baskets Showing 10 Blueberries

WARNING: You'll never be able to play with cardboard blueberries again.

Approximate token sizes:
1's: 14mm tall, 16mm wide, 5mm thick
3's: 19mm tall, 26mm wide, 5mm thick
5's: 25mm tall, 34mm wide, 7mm thick
10's: 26mm tall, 44mm wide, 7mm thick

List Price: $35.00
Price: $31.00