69-piece set of Nectar tokens for Wingspan: Oceania (All pieces are the Sturt's desert rose)

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Want to upgrade the cardboard nectar/flower tokens for Wingspan: Oceania to beautifully painted wooden tokens? We have several upgrade options for this!

The option that is featured here on this page is our flower/nectar set which includes 69 painted wooden pieces of the Australian-native Sturt's desert rose (Gossypium sturtianum).

If you may prefer one of our 69-piece sets that are made from either 15 or 22 different real-life flower designs (instead of having them all the same flower - as beautiful as it is!) - those sets can be compared HERE.

Whichever option you choose, these will look amazing with your Meeple Source Wingspan food tokens and other upgrades!

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade kit is designed and produced by Meeple Source, and is not a Stonemaier Games product. Please direct all questions about this item to meeplesource@gmail.com.

Price: $24.00