Wingspan 1st Printing Card Update Pack (Stonemaier Games)


The Wingspan update pack replaces some cards with typos in the first printing. You know you have the first printing of Wingspan if you have a copy of the game in your possession by the end of March. The typos include 2 cards with minor gameplay errors, 1 card with an art error, 3 cards with incomplete descriptions, and 20 cards with misspelled words.

If you are unsure if your copy of the game contains card errors, please check this link to the official Stonemaier Games response to this, which list the errors and with just a couple of minutes of checking you will easily see if this applies to you or not. We appreciate you taking the time to do this, as these replacement copies are limited and we need to try to make sure that only customers who truly need them are ordering the replacement cards.

LIMIT 1 per customer.

This product was designed and produced by Stonemaier Games.

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