72-piece Convenience Pack of Wingspan Bird Meeples from Central & South America


Want to upgrade your Wingspan action and scoring cubes to beautiful painted bird meeples? We did, too!

This 72-piece set includes:

  • Hyacinth Macaw (x8) 
  • Inca Tern (x8) 
  • Red-Fan Parrot (x8) 
  • Harpy Eagle (x8) 
  • Toco Toucan (x8) 
  • Scarlet Macaw (x8) 
  • King Vulture (x8) 
  • Magnificent Frigatebird (x8) 
  • Blue-and-Yellow Macaw (x8) 

This convenient set is designed for those who want to have the 9 Central and South American birds from our 2022 Global Series. Remember, these birds replace the action/scoring cubes, so player color would no longer be relevant once you have birds!

If you only want some of the birds (not all 9 types), use this listing here to get only your favorites. As a 5-player game, you may want to choose your 5 favorite birds from these meeples (and/or from other bird series). 

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade kit is designed and produced by Meeple Source, and is not a Stonemaier Games product. Please direct all questions about this item to meeplesource@gmail.com.

Price: $99.00
N/AThese are a "PAK", so the stock will reflect the stock of the lowest available bird in this pack.