80-piece Set of Worker Meeples for Viscounts of the West Kingdom


This 80-piece upgrade for Viscounts of the West Kingdom:

20 Red Character Meeples
20 Yellow Character Meeples
20 Green Character Meeples
20 Blue Character Meeples

Each meeple color has 4 different character designs within it. It is most common to have 5 quantity of each design, but in some cases, there may be only 4 (and then more of something else). The exact distribution of designs isn't guaranteed, but the correct total number of pieces per color is.

The small meeples are the same size and shape as the original game pieces

If you want the same set of meeples to cover you for both Viscounts and Architects of the West Kingdom, you'll want this set instead of the one pictured here. Additionally, you may the 4-piece Viscounts set and/or the 21-piece Overlord/Tomesaga set.

Price: $90.00
N/AStock is accurate. More could be made by stripping the orange, purple, and artisans out of the 126-piece sets.