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Tokyo Washi Game Cats (Jordan Draper Games)

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The first in a line of games played using Japanese Washi Tape, Cats is a modular experience adaptable for 2-6 players where you will play a cat in search of a fish in the city of Tokyo!

Using only a writing instrument for each player, the map is created and players then take turns strategically placing fish and their cat(s). Next, alternating back and forth, you will move one of your cats on your turn in an attempt to grab a fish on the opposite side of the map and return home with it.

There are two special moves in the game, allowing your cat to make a Super Amazing Jump, or disappear into a sewer and pop out again at a new location! 


・1 roll of modular grid washi tape

・1 QR code linking to PDF instructions online

2 Player PDF Game Rules

3-6 Player & Variants PDF Game Rules

List Price: $10.00
Price: $7.50
Recommended Age: 13+