Tekhenu Upgrade (198 pcs)

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This huge 198-piece set of painted wooden pieces is designed for Tekhenu: Obelilsk of the Sun, and includes:

  • 28 Papyrus
  • 6 Papyrus "Fives"
  • 28 Limestone (white)
  • 6 Limestone "Fives"
  • 28 Granite (black)
  • 6 Granite "Fives"
  • 28 Bread
  • 6 Bread "Fives"
  • 21 Scribes
  • 16 Faith
  • 25 Gold Bars

If you are looking for a smaller set for Tekhenu, we have now also have a HALF SET.

List Price: $108.00
Price: $95.00
N/AListed one less set than we actually have. NOTE ABOUT SCRIBES - HAVE THEM CHECK THE COLOR OF THE HAIR AND PANTS. IT SHOULD BE BROWN NOT GREENISH-TEAL. Cannot make more as single papyrus, single limestone, single granite and scribes are out. Remaining stock= 5/Papyrus~550, 5/Limestone~600, 5/Granite~600, Faith~725, Bread~1200 (but Agricola uses this too), Gold Bars - Lots (but also is used elsewhere)