FACTORY SECONDS: Set of Worker Meeples for Scythe and Invaders From Afar (56 pcs)


This 56-piece painted worker upgrade kit for Scythe (and the expansion, Scythe: Invaders from Afar) contains 8 worker meeples for each of these 7 factions. Upgrades for The Rise of Fenris are available separately HERE.


These pieces are considered "factory seconds", which is why they are significantly discounted. We have very strict quality control here at Meeple Source. As a result we often have pieces that are pretty good, but not quite as perfect as we like our products to have. In the case of these Scythe workers, the “factory seconds” are going to be very nice and “good enough” for most people. We are offering them here at an attractive discount, so the number of sets like this at this price is obviously limited. 

What kinds of flaws might the pieces have? Some will not have anything that will be noticed by the average consumer. We are very picky, and know exactly what to look for in manufacturing flaws. Some things you may notice though, are small imperfection in the painting of the characters (how crisp the lines are, for example) or how good/thick the paint coverage is. As a more specific example, a problem that some of the purple Togawa meeples have is that the base color has some fluctuations in the color tone (not perfectly consistent).

Will I like this upgrade? We believe that most people will be very happy with these pieces. If you are very detail oriented and suspect that imperfections may bother you, we recommend our normal upgrade of this set.


This set is designed and produced by Meeple Source, and is not an official Stonemaier Games product.

List Price: $65.00
Price: $42.00
N/Aprice was 42 before thanksgiving2021 (no change)