16-piece Set of Worker Meeples for Scythe: The Rise of Fenris

This 16-piece painted worker upgrade kit for Scythe: The Rise of Fenris contains 8 worker meeples for each of those 2 expansion factions.

The existence of these new factions used to be considered a "spoiler", but the current position of Stonemaier Games is that the mere existence of these new factions is now common knowledge, but the details of the campaign/story ARE still considered spoilers and should not be shared publicly.

We also have an 16-piece upgrade for the influence tokens, available HERE. Action markers for all factions are available HERE.

A 40-piece worker upgrade for the Scythe base game is available HERE, and another 16-piece set for Invaders from Afar is available HERE.

This set is designed and produced by Meeple Source, and is not an official Stonemaier Games product.

Price: $18.00
N/Aexact stock, when accounting for retailer packs as well. purple is the limiting factor (there are 73 more green sets).