36-piece Set of Enlist Tokens for Scythe (including all expansions)

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This is a full set of enlist tokens for Scythe (Includes enlist tokens for the base game and all expansions).

One side of the token shows the reward that is normally hidden beneath that token until a player enlists that recruit. The other side shows the faction symbol. This set is great for teaching Scythe since players do not need to keep picking the token up to see the reward hidden beneath it at the start of the game. Once players are more experienced they may prefer to play with the faction side facing up. 

NOTE (IN PARTICULAR) FOR OUR DETAIL-ORIENTED CUSTOMERS: Screen printing the tiny logos on these very small pieces results in some pieces being a little off-center. We have sorted all of these pieces for quality, and as a whole, of course we are happy with the quality of this set, as we are with all of the products we are able to bring to market. That being said though, in needs to be understood that we are unable to replace individual pieces due to variances such as this. If we were to do that, the cost for this upgrade would have to be much more expensive, and we feel confident that nearly all gamers will prefer to enjoy this upgrade at much more affordable price point. If you know that potential issues such as this will truly bother you, we suggest you simply reconsider your purchase.

This set is designed and produced by Meeple Source, and is not an official Stonemaier Games product.

Price: $15.00
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