Scythe Easy Bundle of Promo Items (Stonemaier Games)


This easy bundle is great for those who own a retail version (not the Kickstarter version) of Scythe! It includes:

This list above includes all Kickstarter promo items (Promo card sets 1-4), 5 power dials to cover the base game and the first expansion, both sets of promo coins for Invaders from Afar, and the 6 newer promo cards that were created by 3rd party media creators.

You may also want to add the base set of 80 metal coins and/or the realistic resource pack if you don't already have them! Alternative $5 coins, alternate $10 coins, and extra quantities of $1 coins are NOT included in the bundle. 

This product was designed and produced by Stonemaier Games.


Other recommended Scythe-related items that are NOT included in this bundle:

Price: $40.00
N/Atotal card stock (between all listings/packs) should be approx correct