9-piece Set of Action Markers for Scythe (including all expansions) - SEE NOTE

NOTE (IN PARTICULAR) FOR OUR DETAIL-ORIENTED CUSTOMERS: We are currently shipping what is expected to be our final print run of these action tokens.The screen printed logos on some of them are a little off-center, and there is some variability in how "solid" some of the logos look (paint coverage/thickness). We have sorted all of these pieces for quality, and as a whole, of course we are happy with the quality of this set, as we are with all of the products we are able to bring to market. That being said though, it needs to be understood that we are unable to replace individual pieces due to variances such as this. If we were to have to do that, we would instead discontinue the product as a whole (sooner than later), and we feel confident that nearly all gamers will prefer to enjoy this upgrade - and at the affordable price point that it is. If you know that potential issues such as this will truly bother you, we suggest you simply reconsider your purchase.

1 large action token for each of the 9 factions (20mm in diameter and 30mm tall).

The existence of the new factions in The Rise of Fenris used to be considered a "spoiler", but the current position of Stonemaier Games is that the mere existence of these new factions is now common knowledge, but the details of the campaign/story ARE still considered spoilers and should not be shared publicly.

If you previously bought our 7-piece set, and did NOT get Fenris and Vesna action markers from us at any point, you may want just those two HERE


Price: $7.00