Santorini - 6 Card Promo Pack


This promo pack contains:

– 1 x Eris god card
– 1 X Maenads god card
– 1 X Castor & Pollux god card
– 1 X Proteus god card
– 1 X Tyche god card
– 1 X Scylla god card

The rules for these gods are only available online, here: 

-1. Tyche (3P. 4P)
Goddess of Fortune
Setup: Shuffle the Fortune card and five blank cards (or one Advanced God card and five Simple God cards) into a face-down deck in your play area. 
End of Your Turn: Turn over the top card of your deck. If it is a blank card, place it under your deck. If it is the Fortune card, reshuffle it into your deck and you may take an additional turn. On that additional turn, do not turn over the top card from the deck

-2 Scylla (3P, 4P, Golden Fleece)
Menacing Sea Monster
Your Move: If your Worker moves from a space that neighbors an opponent’s Worker, you may force their Worker into the space yours just vacated.
Banned VS: Hecate
-3 Castor & Pollux (3P, 4P, Golden Fleece)
Divine & Mortal Twins
Alternative Turn: Move with all of your Workers. Do not build.
Alternative Turn: Do not move. Build with all of your Workers.
-4 Proteus (3P)
Shapeshifting Sea God
Setup: When placing your Workers, place 3 of your color.
Your Move: After your Worker moves, if possible, force one of your other Workers into the space just vacated.
Banned VS: Circe
-5 Eris (4P, Golden Fleece)
Goddess of Discord
Alternative Turn: No player can win or lose this turn. Move and build with an opponent Worker that was not the one your opponent most recently moved.
Banned VS: Hecate, Persephone, Tartarus
-6 Maenads (3P, 4P)
Raving Ones
End of Your Turn: If your Workers neighbour an opponent’s Worker on directly opposite sides, that opponent loses the game.
Banned VS: Harpies
Price: $12.00
RESTOCK EXPECTATION: We have only a few sets of these cards left, and don't expect to ever get more. If you want to see all available Santorini cards, CLICK HERE.
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