Wingspan Fan Art Pack (Stonemaier Games) - Pickup at PAX Unglugged 2023

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This can no longer ordered to be picked up at PAX Unglugged, but we are NOT sold out. Come to booth #4030 to buy it!

You may be aware that we (Meeple Source) have represented Stonemaier Games at previous conventions, and PAX Unglugged 2023 will be no different! 

Pickup will occur at the Meeple Source / Stonemaier Games PAX Unplugged booth (#4030). If you may not be in attendance personally and someone else is going to pick it up for you, you can specific their name (as it appears on their PAX badge) in the optional field below. 


Over 300 Wingspan fans submitted illustrations of their favorite birds in the game for the Wingspan Fan Art Challenge, and Stonemaier Games selected 255 illustrations in a variety of styles. The end result is a large pack of bird cards–mechanically identical to their counterparts in Wingspan and the Europe, Oceania, and Asia expansions–to add a special burst of flavor to tabletops worldwide.

Stonemaier Games donated $25,000 ($1 per Wingspan fan art pack produced) to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the American Bird ConservancyThe Humane LeagueMaui Forest Bird Recovery Project, or the John Hopkins University Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing.

We're elated by the opportunity to celebrate Wingspan fan creativity in this way! Each selected artist receives a free fan art pack and credit on their card, and then retain full ownership of their art.

The box for the cards is designed both for storage and recyclability; it will fit in the bottom layer of the Nesting Box. You can shuffle the cards into your standard Wingspan set, select some cards to replace the cards you have, or play games only with these birds (their percentages correspond closely to those noted on bonus cards).


Price: $30.00
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