Double-Sided Natural Rubber Playmat (1) for Wingspan (Stonemaier Games)

Double-Sided Natural Rubber Playmat for Wingspan

This new version of the Wingspan natural rubber playmat is double-sided (original and Oceania). The original mats are important because most Wingspan expansions are designed with them as the foundation; the Oceania mat is typically used when you're playing with nectar.

Why switch to natural rubber? Some players prefer this neoprene-like material because it's easier to remove cards from them. Each playmat is sold separately so you can buy exactly as many as you need (i.e., if you usually play Wingspan with 1 other person, you can buy 2A full set for the base game and Oceania would be 5 mats).

Price: $12.00
N/AStock is accurate. Should be 5 spares as of 2/1/24 -SL