Scythe Kickstarter Promo Pack #2 - 4 Promo Encounter Cards, #33-36 (Stonemaier Games)


UPDATE: There is a newly-combined pack of Scythe promo cards. You may want to purchase it, instead of individual card packs such as this one.


This promo pack for Scythe includes encounter cards 33-36.

PLEASE NOTE: If you customer ordered Scythe in the kickstarter project, you received these cards with that copy. The retail version of Scythe did not include these cards.

This product was designed and produced by Stonemaier Games.


Please also check out this video of the Meeple Source upgrades for Scythe - now available!

Price: $5.00
N/Atotal card stock (between all listings/packs) should be approx correct