River and Stone Playing Cards by Beth Sobel

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Description by Beth Sobel, the artist and creator of these beautiful playing cards:

Hello! I'm Beth Sobel, and this is the River and Stone playing card deck. Inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a touch of added magic, the River and Stone deck is a fully illustrated, luxury playing card deck for anyone who loves nature, playing cards, or both.

River and Stone has been a labor of love spanning four years. I finished cards here and there between board game illustration projects, and finally, piece by piece, I finished a whole deck.

Each suit represents a different terrain of the Pacific Northwest and an animal that resides within that terrain:

  • Spades: Sky, Raven
  • Diamonds: Forest, Fox
  • Clubs: Mountains, Pika
  • Hearts: Ocean, Jellyfish

The court cards of each suit differ from standard courts; rather than a Jack, Queen, and King, I chose to portray one person for each suit throughout different phases of their life.

The is printed by the United States Playing Card Company in the United States, and includes 52 fully illustrated cards, two custom Jokers, a double backed card, and an ad card. It is on USPCC's Premium Stock with Air Cushion finish! 

The tuck box is an intricately detailed, debossed silver foil on a grey-brown vellum.

Below you can see an image of every card.

Price: $18.00
N/Aour cost was ~$10/deck, stock is accurate