Realistic Resource Upgrade for Spirit Island (78 pcs) - LAST ONE!

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An excellent game of this caliber deserves an upgrade! Replace your cardboard with hefty, hand painted deluxe tokens!

Cardboard fear chits become realistic Skulls!
Defense on areas go from generic cardboard chits to hand painted resin Shields!
In-game Blight pieces grow to become larger tentacled tokens on your board. Something that feels like you definitely don't want on your island!

This bundle comes with a total of 78 high quality tokens and includes the following:

20 skulls (fear markers)
20 shield (defense markers)
38 tentacles (blight)

All tokens are finely crafted and come pre-painted.

Skull and shield tokens are composed of resin, providing each with good durability and a hefty weight.

Tentacle tokens are 3D printed

Each token is approximately 14mm (0.55 in.) in diameter and 12mm (0.47 in.) in height. Exact dimensions will vary based on the token design.

This is an unofficial third party product.  Spirit Island™ is copyright of Greater Than Games. All rights reserved. No challenge to any intellectual property rights are intended or implied by representations of compatibility and no endorsements of this product by any other company is implied or represented.


Price: $37.95
N/APrice was 30.95 until 4/16/24. - Until 11/21/23, the title of this set incorrectly listed the piece count at 92 piece, not 78. It must have been incorrectly cloned off something else. -Chris