Realistic Resource Upgrade for King of Tokyo (25 pcs)

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This listing is for a 25-piece set.

This metal lightning bolt token is made of a durable and hefty zinc metal and is designed to resemble a stylized lightning bolt, with a jagged and angular shape that looks striking and powerful. 

These tokens are typically used in board games to represent electrical charges or energy within the game. They are often used in games that have a theme related to science fiction, fantasy, or magic, such as wizard duels, superhero battles, or space combat.

Overall, metal lightning bolt tokens add an extra layer of excitement and drama to board games, making them more immersive and engaging for players. They can also serve as a fun collectible or souvenir for fans of the game or genre.

Individual token pieces are approximately 20mm x 7mm x 10mm.

*In-game pictures shown to demonstrate how these tokens look and how they can be used. Board games, board game pieces, and other tokens are not included with this 25 piece lightning bolt set. 


Price: $27.95