Realistic Resource Upgrade for Brass (63 pcs)

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Upgrade your game and upgrade your experience.

This Deluxe Token Bundle compatible with Brass™ will take your gaming time to the next level.

This bundle provides enough tokens to upgrade your Brass: Lancashire or Brass: Birmingham game.

This bundle comes with a total of 63 high quality tokens and includes the following:

  • 30 Coal
  • 18 Iron (copper ingots that match game iconography)
  • 15 Beer Barrels

All tokens are finely crafted and come pre-painted.

Tokens are composed of resin or metal, providing each with good durability and a hefty weight.

Each token is approximately 14mm (0.55 in.) in diameter and 12mm (0.47 in.) in height. Exact dimensions will vary based on the token design.

Brass™ is published by Roxley Games. All rights reserved. No challenge to any intellectual property rights are intended or implied by representations of compatibility and no endorsements of this product by any other company is implied or represented.


Price: $35.45