35-piece Set of Large Character Meeples for Raiders of the North Sea


This 35-piece set of Character Meeples for Raiders of the North Sea (and expansions) features oversized (or "perfectly-sized", as we call them!) pieces that are sure to be the highlight of your raiding party!

There are 12 white meeples, 14 grey meeples, and 9 black meeples. Each color has 4 different Character Meeple designs, and each distinct meeple will have at least 2 in your set (at least as of now - we may have to adjust this at some point in the future). To be completely clear, all sets will have the correct number of total meeples per color (12 white, 14 grey, and 9 black).

List Price: $64.00
Price: $55.00
N/AThis stock represents all of the sets in this configuration. We have another 150 sets that have only 3 white characters, but still with a minimum of 2 pieces per design, across all colors.