Pink Wooden Super Mega Meeples (24mm)

NOTE ABOUT PINK COLORS: Essentially all of our solid pink resources (cubes, meeples, discs, etc) are different shades of pink (different print runs). It should be assumed that that the colors will not "match", and comparing the shades from the website photos won't necessarily give you a perfect comparison either, due to variations in screens and also lighting at the time each photo was taken. As far as reprinting everything to achieve matching color shades, this is not planned currently (due to high stock of most pink items). If you are have questions about this, send us an email at

Super Mega Meeples are much larger than what most people consider to be "standard meeples"! They are approximately 24mm wide, 24mm tall, and 10mm thick. Generally, "standard meeples" are considered to be 16mm tall/wide.

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