Paladins of the West Kingdom Character Meeples (112 pcs)

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This 112-piece Character Meeple upgrade for Paladins of the West Kingdom includes:

22 Labourer Meeples (White)
18 Scout Meeples (Green)
18 Merchant Meeples (Blue)
18 Fighter Meeples (Red)
18 Cleric Meeples (Dark Grey)
18 Criminal Meeples (Purple)

Each meeple color has 4 different character designs within it. It is most common to have at least 4 quantity of each design, but in rare cases, there could be only 3 (and then more of something else). The exact distribution of designs isn't guaranteed, but the correct total number of pieces per color is.

Update as of June 2023: The 40-pc set of provisions for Paladins is now a separate item in our store, so that you can either include or exclude it more easily.

Price: $118.00
N/AThe "extras" are in a large blue tote in the other warehouse.