125-piece Character Meeple Set, perfect for Orleans (5 players) - SEE NOTES ABOUT CHARACTERS AND STOCK LEVELS

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CHARACTER QUALITY NOTE: In order to make up these last few sets, we have had to use a few characters with some minor imperfections. They still look quite good, but we always want to be completely transparent if we are using any pieces that aren't 100% consistent with our high standards. In particular, you may notice some small imperfections in your black and/or yellow meeples. If this is concerning or displeasing to you, we would unfortunately just recommend that you not purchase the set. These are the last available meeples that we have for Orleans.

This 125-piece Character Meeple set for Orleans will contain:

23 Farmers
17 Traders
17 Scholars
17 Boatmen
17 Craftsmen
17 Knights
17 Monks

Orléans "Starting Meeples"

If you've played Orléans, you will remember that each player starts with one Farmer, one Craftsman, one Boatman, and one Trader. Those tokens (now Character Meeples) cannot be lost (or voluntarily sent to the "Beneficial Deeds" board via the Town Hall). Although the face of the original tokens are designed with a bit of the player's color, this isn't necessary, but they do need to be distinguished in some way, even if only discreetly.

There are many different ways to distinguish the "initial meeples" from the ones acquired during gameplay, here are a few good suggestions that will be very easy for you to do.

(see alternate product image for illustration of these suggestions below)

1. Mark a dot on the bottom of the meeple (under the feet) with white-out, or a black marker for the farmers. When standing upright on the board, it won't be visible at all.

2. Paint the entire bottom of the feet a contrasting color, for a less subtle approach that is still discreet when the meeple is upright.

3. Paint the entire outer edge a contrasting color to mark it is a "starting meeple". Each player's meeples can have the exact same modification (even color), as once setup is complete, the meeples never leave the possession of that player. This marking method would be impossible to "miss", but may detract from beauty of the pieces for some people.

List Price: $129.00
Price: $95.00
RESTOCK EXPECTATION: As of the date of this update (11/20/23), we have only 5 sets left of this 5-player upgrade. These characters will not be re-printed, so these will be the last available sets we ever expect to have.
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