Obsession Characters, Full Set (74 pcs)


This 74-piece complete set of painted wooden Character Meeples was designed for Obsession (and the Upstairs, Downstairs expansion). It includes:

  • 11 Green Valets
  • 11 Purple Lady's Maids
  • 5 Brown Useful Men
  • 6 Dark Blue Butlers
  • 6 Red Housekeepers
  • 17 White Footmen
  • 2 Black Underbutlers
  • 5 Light Blue Hall Boys
  • 5 Pink Head Housemaids
  • 6 Orange Cooks

We also offer a single-player upgrade, a 2-player upgrade, and a 4-player upgrade for Obsession. Please be aware though, that if you buy a partial set of Obsession meeples, we cannot indefinitely guarantee the availability of the necessary meeples to increase your player count, nor that future meeples (possibly from a different print run) will match your current meeples exactly.

Price: $115.00