Large Metal Gear

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These large metal gears are in 30mm diameter and 3.5mm thick. You can buy as few as 10 pieces (and in any quantity at that point), and you will get a cloth drawstring bag (shown in the alternate product photos) for every 25 gears you buy. The U. S. quarter shown in the alternate photos will show you the size as well, but it should be noted that these are generally bigger than many of our other upgraded tokens.

Price is shown per piece, and although a token like this would normally have a 10-piece minimum, in this case there is only a 6-piece minimum purchase for this item, as you may want 6 gears for Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory.
Save 5% on 25-49 identical pieces, and 10% on 50 or more identical pieces.

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Price: $0.25
We'd love to know what you are using these gears for. They are wonderful quality, but a little on the large size. If they are perfect for a certain game, telling us about it would likely please other gamers as well!