Player Pieces, Quests, and Apples for My Little Scythe Base Game (78 pcs)


This 78-piece upgrade kit for My Little Scythe contains:

  • 4 trophies, 1 pie, and 1 heart for each of the 7 factions
  • 24 apples
  • 12 quest tokens

If you also need the upgrade for the expansion to My Little Scythe, Pie in the Sky, you can find that here.

If you need the Pie in the Sky expansion you can find that here:

PLEASE NOTE: This upgrade kit is designed and produced by Meeple Source, and is not a Stonemaier Games product. Please direct all questions about this item to

List Price: $29.00
Price: $22.00
N/AThis stock is how many we can make until we get more scrolls. We have about 1600 extra MLS apples.