Food Chain Magnate (Base Game) Partial Upgrade Kit (100 pcs) - HALF SET FOR 2 PLAYER GAME


This 100-piece partial upgrade kit for Food Chain Magnate would be good for a 2-player game, and contains the following painted wooden pieces:

20 pizzas
20 burgers
20 beer bottles
20 soda bottles
20 lemonades

PLEASE NOTE: the photo shows our 200-piece BASE GAME SET, which is available HERE.


Available Separately:

We now offer the larger versions of each of these tokens (representing multiples) separately, in packs of 5 or more of each type. These larger pieces are the same ones as offered in the game upgrade kit for Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism.

Price: $35.00
N/Aexact counted stock, no mroe until reprint (or split full sets and deduct that inventory)