Feudum: Rudders & Ramparts Kickstarter Edition - (Odd Bird Games)

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By Jove! A splendid array of vessels have arrived at port. Will you use your wealth to procure a craft—or save your shillings to reinforce your ramparts

The Feudum: Rudders & Ramparts expansion features artisan-edition vessels and castles that may be used purely for decoration—or to play a military variant of the game Feudum!

Upon acquiring a regular vessel or feudum, players may pay an additional shilling to upgrade to a deluxe vessel or castle feudum. Players earn +1 attack for a deluxe vessel and +1 defense for a castle feudum. At the dawn of each epoch, players must pay 1 shilling to maintain each castle or deluxe vessel in their possession—or lose their advantage!

These minor rule additions add a boatload of interesting choices! Players with castles forego the need to reinforce their feudums with subjects because a gold-clad “royal guard” accompanies each castle! Conversely, deluxe vessels make targets of any opponent in a nearby port. But beware! The expensive upkeep may slowly impoverish a player.

Feudum: Rudders & Ramparts Kickstarter Edition includes all the Stretch Goals from the Campaign.

PLEASE NOTE: These Kickstarter sets have been opened to verify that this problem with regard to the castle pieces is not present. So do not worry - these are all good, ready to be used in your Feudum game!

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