Tapestry Custom Insert by Folded Space

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Tapestry Custom Insert


This custom, full-color, foamcore insert for Tapestry is designed and produced by Folded Space to hold all Tapestry content and cards (sleeved or unsleeved) —including the core game and all 3 expansions) — in the core game box. It includes two ways to create the insert, including a method for holding landmark miniatures with third-party base snaps attached.

  • Assembly difficulty: Medium
  • Glue not included (normal white glue will work)
  • Instructions Included: "Dry build" and then glue
  • Construction Time: ~1 hour
  • Includes two variants (unused pieces can be discarded)
  • See Folded Space website for more helpful tips

No Tapestry gameplay elements are included in this product.

List Price: $43.00
Price: $25.00