Full-Color Scythe Mech T-Shirt (Small Logo) - Rusviet Mech

This design is currently available on a t-shirtpullover hoodie, and zippered hoodie.

Logo Size, Placement, and Other Information

  • Mech logo is approx. 4" wide, regardless of shirt size
  • Full-color logo has a much crisper print, but also a thicker feel than screen printing
  • Default logo placement is left chest (as shown), but you can choose to have it printed in the center or on the right side if selected in the drop-down menu
  • It is possible that this specific logo may be available again in the future (as it once was) as a large-logo screen printed version (limited color and style options though). This is not planned currently, but may occur at some point, depending on demand.

Sizing, Product Details, Stock Availability, and Applicable Return Policy for This Custom-Printed Shirt

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These t-shirts are not official Stonemaier Games products - they are produced by Meeple Source.

Price: $20.00