57-Piece Game Upgrade Kit (Compatible with Dead of Winter: The Long Night)


This 57-piece expansion pack for Dead of Winter: The Long Night will contain:

1 large knife token (first player marker)
20 explosive traps
12 advancement/hammers
12 despair/skulls
12 unruly helpless survivors (red meeples)

In order to use this upgrade kit, you also need our Dead of Winter base game upgrade pack, as both games use these components.

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Price: $19.00
Recommended Age: 13+
RESTOCK EXPECTATION: This is being reprinted now, expected to be available in August 2022. Please feel free to use the stock notification tool on this page if you are interested in it.
N/ACannot make more. Out of explosive traps and hammers. 370 knives left, approx. 400+ skulls left.