Concordia (+ Both Expansions) Upgrade Kit (114 pcs) - 2022 Version


PLEASE NOTE: This is our new version of the Concordia resource upgrade, first available in June 2022. If you prefer the "previous version" style that we used to sell, we have a very limited number of them still available as a 114-piece set (to cover you for the expansions as well), or as a 19-piece upgrade for only Venus, if you already bought our 95-piece Base Game + Salsa set in the previous style.


This 114-piece painted wooden Concordia upgrade kit also gives you the salt for Concordia: Salsa and the extra resource quantities for Concordia: Venus. It also features new versions of several of the tokens, as compared to the upgrade we sold prior to June 2022 (new wheat, bricks, and anvils).

It includes:

24 brick
21 wheat (food)
18 anvils (tools)
18 wine
21 cloth
12 salt

Price: $42.00
N/Ashould be able to make more