Concordia (+ Salsa) Upgrade Kit (95 pcs) - PREVIOUS VERSION, NO LONGER AVAILABLE


PLEASE NOTE: This is the Concordia (Base Game + Salsa) upgrade that we sold PRIOR to June 2022 (no longer available for sale, but still shown on this page for reference). Instead you should consider our current 114-piece upgrade for Concordia and both expansions, available HERE (which uses new designs for several of the pieces). If you still prefer the "previous version" style seen on this page, we have a very limited number of them available as a 114-piece set (to cover you for the expansions as well).


This 95-piece painted Concordia upgrade kit (which also has the salt pieces for Concordia: Salsa) contains:

20 brick
18 wheat (food)
15 anvils (tools)
12 wine
18 cloth
12 salt

Price: $33.00
N/AWe are no longer selling this "base game + Salsa" set. -Chris