CLEARANCE: 10-piece Set of Transparent Acrylic Meeples (16mm) - Previous Print Run (several color choices)

16mm x 16mm x 10mm transparent acrylic meeples from our first print run of acrylic meeples, which was in October 2017. There were 18 different colors produced, but some were very similar to each other, so when we re-printed in April 2018, we reduced the number of colors to 12 unique options.

The color listed in quotes is NOT the exact color itself, but the Meeple Source meeple color that most closely matches it. Please be aware that certain colors look very similar in the acrylic material. For example, green and lime green, or the brown, tan, and "unpainted" color tones. 

NOTE ABOUT THE SURFACE ON THE OCT 2017 ACRYLIC MEEPLES: Some of the acrylic meeples have small imperfections on the surface that may appear as scratches or other little lines. These are typically only visible from certain angles, and generally do not distract from the transparent look of the piece. The overwhelming number of our customers that have received them so far have not minded, although a few people who are admittedly very picky about perfection have mentioned it. We hope this helps you decide if this would bother you or not. :-) The April 2017 (non-clearance) acrylic meeples do not have this problem.

List Price: $4.25
Price: $2.00
RESTOCK EXPECTATION: These discounted acrylic meeples are limited in quantity, and won't be re-printed.