Character Meeples for Champions of Midgard (30 pcs)


This 30-piece set of painted wooden meeples were designed for Champions of Midgard. There are not many sets left, and no plans for a re-print. It is possible that a few of the Characters are slightly less perfect than our typical Character Meeple product line, but these do still look good - not to worry!

You may be wondering about the chosen set size for this upgrade. 6 per player gives you 5 for the game itself, and 1 for the scoring track. 5 different designs was meant to cover you for the (at the time, in 2016) expansion which would allow for 5 players.

List Price: $37.00
Price: $25.00
N/AThis count is exactly correct. There are also 26 sets of #2 Characters (on account of the black and green). After that, no more sets can be made, ever.