Character Meeples for Champions of Midgard (30 pcs)


We have very few sets left (after Kickstarter orders) of these Character Meeples for Champions of Midgard, and no plans for a re-print. One of the Characters, the dark blue male, isn't quite of the production quality that we normally expect from our Character Meeples. For example, the edges of the pieces are a little rougher and generally imperfect. The other 4 Character Meeples are more like the rest of our product line. Please don't worry, the set looks good, but we just want to be as accurate as possible with our product description!

You may be wondering about the chosen set size for this upgrade. 6 per player gives you 5 for the game itself, and 1 for the scoring track. 5 different designs was meant to cover you for the (at the time, in 2016) upcoming expansion which would allow for 5 players.

Price: $37.00
Recommended Age: 13+
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