Capybara 'n' Capybara by Hisashi Hayashi (OKAZU Brand)

The game itself is language independent.  English rules can be found here.

Capybaras love to eat pumpkins. You’ll need the help of the baby monkey walking above to pick up the pumpkins that the capybaras like to eat. You, the players, play as capybara bosses, aiming to line up your capybaras well to earn lots of pumpkins!

In Capybara, you will form a line of capybaras to score Pumpkin cards. You will move the baby monkey above the row of capybaras to carry out different actions. You gain Capybara cards by moving the baby monkey forward to the left, gaining capybaras for the number of spaces moved.

You can also score Pumpkin cards by forming a row of capybaras that meet the Pumpkin scoring conditions, moving the monkey to the left to score them.

—description from the publisher


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