Blue Farmer Dad - Individual Character Meeple (FACTORY SECONDS)

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Our Character Meeples are larger than what most people consider to be "standard meeples"! They are approximately 19mm wide/tall (depending on the particular design), and about 10mm thick - most similar to our Mega Meeple line of solid-color meeples. Generally, "standard meeples" are considered to be 16mm tall/wide.

Save 25% with an 8-piece set (or more)

Price is shown per piece, and there is a no minimum purchase for this item - you can order a single meeple if you wish. We used to sell 8-piece sets at a 25% discount ($12/set-of-8), which you can still do by simply adding 8 or more identical pieces to your cart.

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If you have quite a few individual Character Meeples in your cart ($75 or more in combined value across all designs), you will see an additional discount at checkout that equals another 15% off of those same pieces. Please be aware that game-specific upgrades that contain Character Meeples, and any other mixed packs of Character Meeples, are not considered "individual Character Meeples" for this purpose. The pricing of those separate website items are fixed as they are shown.

Save Additional 15% Off $75 or more of Individual Character Meeples!
Quantity Pricing
Price: $1.50
RESTOCK EXPECTATION: These imperfect "factory seconds" are likely the only pieces we will have in the future, as we do not have any plans to reprint at this time.
N/Astock is esimated. we also have a massive bin of pieces that would need a new photo (different colors)