Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun - GeekUp Bits (222 pcs)

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Travel to ancient Egypt and help to build the Temple of Amun-Ra in style with these upgraded resource set for the board game Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun. This 222-piece set includes all of the tokens from the base game as well as the blood droplets from the expansion Time of Seth.


  • 28 Bread tokens  (18x18mm, 3mm deep)
  • 6, 5-value Bread tokens  (22x22mm, 4mm deep)
  • 28 Papyrus tokens   (18x18mm, 3mm deep)
  • 6, 5-value Papyrus tokens  (22x22mm, 4mm deep)
  • 28 Granite tokens  (18x18mm, 3mm deep)
  • 6, 5-value Granite tokens (22x22mm, 4mm deep)
  • 28 Limestone tokens  (18x18mm, 3mm deep)
  • 6, 5-value Limestone tokens (22x22mm, 4mm deep)
  • 25 Gold tokens (18x18mm, 3mm deep)
  • 16 Faith tokens (18x18mm, 3mm deep)
  • 21 Scribe tokens (26x26mm, 4mm deep)
  • 24 Blood tokens (14mm wide by 21mm tall, 4mm deep)
Price: $43.00