Targi Expansion GeekUp Bits (36 pcs)

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Continuing on the success of our extremely popular GeekUp set for the base set of Targi, this expansion set provides upgrades versions of everything included on the punchsheet in the expansion box.

The metal action tokens are 3D replicas of the original art from the game, crafted to be the larger and more substantial then their cardboard counterparts. 

The goods tokens are made of a hard plastic, similar to Bakelite, and the graphics are applied via a 4 color heat transfer process, which fuses the images to the plastic in a way that makes them very scratch resistant, meaning they should last a lifetime.

One set of GeekUp tokens for Targi Expansion includes the following 36 pieces:

  • 2 date tiles (25mm squares, 4mm deep)
  • 2 salt tiles (25mm squares, 4mm deep)
  • 2 pepper tiles (25mm squares, 4mm deep)
  • 10, 1-value water tiles (25mm squares, 4mm deep)
  • 3, 3-value water tiles (25mm squares, 4mm deep)
  • 2, 5-value water tiles (25mm squares, 4mm deep)
  • 6 metal action tokens (20mm triangles)
  • 4, 3-point metal VP markers (34mm tall)
  • 4, 5-point metal VP markers (34mm tall)
  • 1 metal gold coin (30mm diameter)


Price: $18.00
N/AOne set used for spare pieces 12/18/23 -SL